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Seeing a Police Officer’s flashing lights in your rearview mirror or having an encounter with the Police often leads to the sense of nervousness and frustration, and frankly, more problems than you need. Most people who are accused of a crime are often naive on the steps that are necessary to preserve their freedom. Understanding the complexities of the legal industry is never an easy task, but it is particularly difficult when so much depends on the outcome of the case.

Hiring a team of lawyers to assist you when you are faced with a crime Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, Fraud, Gun, DUI, Drug Driving, Possession of Marijuana,Attempt to Commit a Crime, Criminal Sexual Conduct CSC, Child Abuse, Homicide, Manslaughter, Trespassing, Torture, Arson, MDOP, B&E, Home Invasion, Burglary Offenses, Theft/White Collar Crimes, Possession of Controlled Substances such as Marijuana Robbery, Embezzlement, Larceny, Carjacking, Retail Fraud, Stalking, Driving Offenses, Resisting Arrest, Student Defense, Driving While Suspended, Operating While Intoxicated by Alcohol or Drugs, Narcotics/Drug Offenses is vital, both to your future and freedom. Depending of the conditions under which you were arrested, such charges may be prosecuted at different levels such as local, state or even on a federal level. What begins as a nuisance can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If you are a suspect in an investigation or have been pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can decline to answer any questions without the presence or advice of a lawyer. This is your constitutional right—exercise it. Once you waive it, it is difficult and unlikely to get back. Again, it is imperative that you hire an attorney to assist you during this process.

How an Attorney Could Help

The benefits to having a lawyer are endless. We may be a bit bias, but the truth of the matter is that attorneys go to school for a long time, are trained professionals in the justice system such as examining the evidence against you, knowing the rule the law and its players and can ultimately build a strong defense and create strategies to further benefit their clients.

If you have been arrested or are a suspect in a criminal investigation in Eaton, time is of the essence. Building the strongest defense from protecting your rights, representing you at an administrative hearing, reinstating your license,bringing about reduced charges, getting the charges dropped and dismissed, or defending you at trial, to bring an acquittal, Arghavan Di Rezze and the attorneys at Di Rezze & Associates, P.C., could diligently address all your defense needs. An experienced attorney could keep your best interest in mind while building a defense and trying to negotiate with the prosecutors. Schedule an appointmentto assess your case and find out ways to protect your rights and your reputation. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they could begin working on your case. As always, all meetings with our staff are confidential.

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