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    I am the owner of Di Rezze & Associates, P.C. I help the people in our community during their most difficult times. I am not like most attorneys, I actually have an outgoing personality, don’t need to use big words to feel smart, and think outside the box. Hence, starting my own firm from the very beginning. Whether you have been charged with a crime or are having a rough time in your marital relationship, or need other legal assistance, I can help. I have helped hundreds of people before you.

    My Credentials

    BA, Political Science, Oakland University
    JD, Wayne State Law School

    My Biography

    I am the founder of Di Rezze & Associates, P.C., CEO of KAP Auto, and legal advisor to one of the biggest import/export automotive part companies, Vertical4, as well as many charitable organizations, most notably The Goodfellas Project.

    Before becoming a private practice attorney, I spent nearly 8 years inside the legal industry in various different capacities [prosecutor’s office, defense firm, judicial clerk, etc.]. I wanted to have a well-rounded idea of what was going to be required of me as a person with a doctorate in law. What I quickly learned in those capacities was that when I became a lawyer a lot of people were going to trust their lives in my hands. They were going to trust that I have the necessary educational background and tools to successfully help them with their issues. Luckily, I do.

    I have learned that injustice happens every day. That the cliché phrase “bad things happen to good people” couldn’t have been truer and that if the powerful quote by Oscar Wilde “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future” could be used as a defense, a lot of people in this world would get the second chance they so wish for and deserve.

    In my free time, I handle Pro Bono cases, pretend to be a food & restaurant critic, and spend time with my friends and loved ones.



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